Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Visit at the 5th Ottawa Community Record Show

Yesterday (Sunday, October 2) was our first visit at the Ottawa Community Record Show, which may seem odd since we've been selling vinyl records on eBay since 2005! This marked the event's 5th edition.

For a certain number of reasons, we've never had the chance to attend the Ottawa Record Show in the past, so we decided to check it out yesterday. We mainly wanted to find out if it would be worth, eventually, to take part in the event as sellers, as a way of promoting our "Chez LouLou" virtual store to the local community.

First, we had a chance to meet a Twitter "friend" in person (@swanpr), who was there selling records for a friend of hers. A delight to finally meet her in person. She was selling amazing records, but definitely out of our price range. Among other things, very cool Contemporary & Electronics stuff: loads of John Cage, Steve Reich, Xenakis & other "take-your-breath-away" items. Some Punk items were also quite interesting.

The event seemed to be fairly well organized, but here's a tip: don't bring a 10-year old at the event, with little to no interest in vinyl records. I probably would have stayed there a LOT longer, but our son just wanted to get out of there after 20 minutes.

One small criticism, though : I'm not sure why they need to charge a $3.00 admission fee. It always pisses me off when I need to PAY to get into an event where I'll probably be BUYING stuff from vendors. I just don't see the logic.

All in all, what I found there was a good mix of sellers (record stores as well as individuals), and lots of interesting vinyls to be had, and for a wide range of prices. Most of the local record stores that sell vinyl were represented there, namely Vertigo Records, the Record Centre and Birdman Sound.

We're definitely considering renting a table for the next Ottawa Record Show (April 22, 2012). It's not like we don't have enough records we could sell (10,000 + LPs, over 4,000 45s)! We'll see...

Didn't buy much, though, but I did manage to pick up these nice items at a low price ($3.00 each), including two SEALED Tom Mawhinney LPs!

Not a bad afternoon after all!

Long live vinyl.

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