Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now PLAYING on my Turntable

Dif Juz - Who Says So? (1983 Mini LP, Red Flame Records, RFM 24, UK)

Side 1:
  1. Roy's Tray
  2. So Shy
  3. Song With no Name
  4. Tabla Piece
Side 2:
  1. SWNN Part 2
  2. Pass It On Charlie
  3. Channel
  4. The Dub Song
The label has a Cheap Thrills stamp on it, so I've had it since my days in Montréal, way back in the 80s. Cheap Thrills was my personal vinyl "temple" back then. I still like to pop in whenever I'm in downtown Montréal. A true LEGENDARY record store.

Anyway, back to the record now playing on my turntable. An instrumental band from the UK, Dif Juz put out very few records, but everything I've heard from them is fantastic. Head music, I'd call it.

This one, Who Says So?, features a heavy dose of dub, clangy guitars & saxophone. Really nice groove to it, with a hint of mystery. The music has an almost cinematic appeal to it... "visual music", perhaps?

There's not one bad track on it, but, for my tatse, the last one - The Dub Song - is the killer track. Hard-hitting dub topped with healthy chunks of guitar and a bass line to kill for.

A keeper, for sure.

More on Dif Juz.

Dif Juz, Who Says So? - Front cover

Dif Juz, Who Says So? - Back cover

Long live vinyl.

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