Monday, June 13, 2011

Now PLAYING on my Turntable

Oregon - Roots in the Sky

Perfect music for winding down on a Monday night. Wonderful playing by four musical masters: Ralph Towner, guitarist extraordinaire, the late Colin Walcott on tabla, sitar and various percussions, Paul McCandless playing a host of wind and reed instruments, and Glenn Moore laying down his mean but mellow bass lines.

For my tastes, their best album ever is Out of the Woods, followed by Moon and Mind, with Roots in the Sky being a close third. On the other hand, Oregon's third best is a lot of other bands' best, so it's par for the course.

It's impossible to get tired of this album; the playing is always fresh, full of surprises and creativity.

Call it "World Jazz", "Proto-World Music, or "Jazzy New Age", doesn't matter, it's music, first and foremost. Real music. Fuck labels.

Long live vinyl.

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