Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GREAT Find of the Week!

The Rolling Stones - December's Children (and Everybody's)

Picked this up yesterday, along with approx. 30-40 other LPs... for nothing! This guy I know has a bookstore; he also used to sell music (LPs, CDs), but stopped doing so for lack of space. So every once in a while, people bring him vinyl records, which he usually gives away to a Goodwill store. But yesterday, I got 'em first.

Now, this is the Stones "punk" album par excellence. This first track is "She Said Yeah"; it's raw, fuzzy, fast & furious. It's a hell of a ride the rest of the way. "Get Off My Cloud" starts the second side, and the album closes out with an amped-up, scorching live rendition of Hank Snow's "I'm Moving On".

Music to the ears, of course. A masterpiece!

Long live vinyl.

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