Monday, June 6, 2011

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Holger Czukay - On the Way to the Peak of Normal

This may not be my favorite Holger Czukay album (that would be "Der Osten ist rot"), but it's still a solid effort, and it keeps on getting better every time I listen to it. I have the Japanese pressing, so that definitely helps. Awesome sound.

As always, this Czukay effort - which came out in 1981 - is light years ahead of its time and still sounds fresh and innovative in 2011. Not surprising as he was the bassist for Can, the great and influential krautrock band.

Oh! and by the way, it's next to impossible to find on vinyl anymore. I'm holding on to my copy, for sure!

More on Holger Czukay.

Here's an excerpt of "Ode to Perfume", which is featured on from this album (takes up the entire Side 1):

Long live vinyl.

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