Saturday, June 25, 2011

The WTF Gawd-awful Record Cover of the Week

"Music to Massage Your Mate By"

Oh boy... From the "What-were they thinking" category of 70s vinyl slabs, here's a frightfully terrible-looking but exceedingly funny cover.

That guy is scary. The look, the pornstache, the ugly sleeveless tee-shirt, the cut-up jeans masquarading as shorts, the hairy legs... Sort of a sleazy Burt-Reynolds wannabe having a bad day.

The cover says: "Explicitly Illustrated Instruction Booklet Enclosed". I'll spare you that part. Really, really cheap.

But hey, guess what? It's highly collectible! I've seen it go for $30-$50 on eBay, if you can believe that.

Long live vinyl?

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