Wednesday, April 22, 2009

La pochette laide de la semaine // This week's ugly cover

Learn Square Dancing... with Ed Gilmore
Decca Records - DL 9051
The picture above doesn't really do justice to the cover... It's actually UGLIER! But don't get me wrong; I LOVE this cover! It's probably the ugliest one I've ever owned, but there's something about it that is truly wonderful... in a really ugly way.
What really, really kills me about the picture is not how Ed is dressed. I mean, the shirt's kinda cool, I like the way he's tentatively taping his right foot. It's not the couples surrounding Ed, either. The only guy I find a bit annoying is the one on Ed's right.
Nope, what really, really kills me about this LP cover, is Ed's MICROPHONE !! That thing is HUGE! And look how Ed is holding the wire with his right hand. It seems to be directly connected to Ed's hand; it just... ends there! The darn thing isn't plugged anywhere! ... which may explain Ed's strange grin...
Love Ed's slacks, though...

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