Monday, April 6, 2009

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"The Ten Graces Played on the Vina"

Music of South India performed by M. Nageswara Rao, vina (or veena)

V. Thyagarajan, violin
T. Ranganathan, mridangam
V. Nagarajan, kanjira
P. Srinivasan, tambura

This may possibly be one of the best LPs ever from Nonesuch Records's "Explorer Series" collection. The playing is exceptional all-around. I find South Indian music (known as Carnatic music) to be much warmer than its Northern counterpart, although I love any music that stems from India.

Specifically, the vina has a softer, gentler sound than the sitar. The percussion instrument used on this recording is the mridangam, and again, it gives out a nice, warm tone. The violin adds a bit of an "edge" to the music, but it complements the vina very well.

Label: Nonesuch Records
Catalog No.: H-72027
Year of Release: 1972

Highly, highly recommended!


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